A Slippery Slope in a Music Band – A Substitute Singer

Title: A Slippery Slope in a Music Band Subtitle: A Substitute Singer Author: Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa Category: transgender, romance M. “Aaron” Smith: is the protagonist of the story. He is an 18 year old boy living in the small American town of Sunnysky. He studies in Sunnysky High School. Aaron has red hair (hence is […]

Forbidden Hotel – Feminized Perpetually – A Transgender Horror Story

Title: Forbidden Hotel Subtitle: Trapped and Feminized Author: Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa Category: horror, mtf-transgender After the sudden demise of his father, 18-year-old Troy Carter travels all the way from the US to be with his half-sister, Julia, who lives in the Dartmoor region of England. As the ominous quality of the moors casts itself on the […]

The Murdered Heiress – 1st Episode of Transgender Detective Series

Title: The Murdered Heiress Series: Hannah Brown – Transgender Sleuth Author: Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa Transgender Category: MTF On the night of her birthday party at Queen’s Court Hotel, 33 year old heiress Arlene Rainford is brutally stabbed to death. Hannah Brown, the nondescript 25 year old receptionist of the hotel, is the first one to […]

hijra femininity

Even though hijras are considered neuter or neither man nor woman, they identify exclusively with the female gender. They take great pride in their femininity and enjoy dressing up in female clothes such as the saree, salwaar-kameez (a long Indian shirt worn with roomy pants) and western clothes. They grow their hair long like women […]

Miss Koovagam - transgender beauty pageant

I had the opportunity to attend Miss Koovagam, a transgender beauty pageant held every year in May as a part of the Koovagam festivities. As I settled myself comfortably on one of the seats, I faced a moderate sized stage. Unlike other beauty pageants where the judges sit in a panel facing the stage, the […]

first transgender filmmaker – Rose Venkatesan

This is how she looks and talks – Rose Venkatesan, the first transgendered filmmaker in India. After her MTF sex change . In spite of having the world and their own bodies pitted against them, a few from the LGBT community have emerged triumphant. These select have been successful in defying all odds and realizing […]

Ghosts Alive – Time Travel Transgender Romance

Title: Ghosts Alive Subtitle: Time Travel Transgender Romance Author: Yulia Yu. Sakurazawa Category: SF, Time Travel, MTF & FTM Transgender [Introduction] We are in 2030. Time travel has been made possible and become a luxurious way of tourism. The tickets cost a fortune, but temptation is so strong, that some people are willing to sacrifice all […]