first transgender filmmaker – Rose Venkatesan

This is how she looks and talks – Rose Venkatesan, the first transgendered filmmaker in India. After her MTF sex change .

In spite of having the world and their own bodies pitted against them, a few from the LGBT community have emerged triumphant. These select have been successful in defying all odds and realizing their potential to the optimum.

Rose Venkatesan: Born Ramesh Venkatesan, Rose desired to dress and behave like a girl ever since she could remember. Her journey was replete with ups and downs; she was recruited and fired frequently, faced discrimination at work places owing to her gender identity and lost contact with her mother who thought Rose had brought ignominy to the family.

However, Rose continued striving and became a Radio Jockey and the prominent host of Tamil talk shows such as ‘Ippadikku Rose’ (Yours truly, Rose) and ‘Idhu Rose Neram’ (this is Rose’s time). The educated articulate Rose now intends starting a political party called ‘Sexual Liberation Party of India’ for the amelioration and emancipation of transgenders.

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