Forbidden Red Shoes (subtitle: Feminized by a Curse) was just published!

15-year-old orphan Max Robinson is adopted by the kindly Samuel Wright, a businessman. Samuel owns a striptease club called Tantalize and has a 15-year-old daughter called Ava. Ava is loving and giving towards her foster brother. However, she allows no one to touch her one possession: her red shoes.

Three years pass. Max shows a great knack for business, making Samuel to see him as the natural successor of his business. After Ava tragically passes away in a car accident, Max can’t resist the temptation to wear her red shoes…

A series of strange occurrences follow this event. Max’s body begins to feminize and he loses his penis…

Forbidden Red Shoes

Subtitle: Feminized by a Curse

Chapter 1 – My Sister Ava

I was 15 years old when I lost my parents. They had been textile mill workers, who had become victims of a freak accident. As I sat smoking away my sorrow in a street in Nottingham, a man approached me. He was smartly dressed in an expensive brown suit, loafers and a hat.

“Smoking is harmful, son” he said “you should kick the habit”. The man’s face was crinkled and his eyes were kindly grey.

“It’s not a habit, sir” I said, “but a reaction to tragedy”.

“A tragedy?” the man enquired “what happened?”

“I lost both my parents” I said “they died when a fire broke out in the textile mill they worked in. “I have nowhere to go. I have nothing to do”.

“From today, you have me” the man said “I’ll adopt you. You can call me dad. I’ll educate you and bring you up like my own son”.


The man happened to be Samuel Wright, the owner of the biggest striptease cum pole-dancing club in the UK. I moved into his posh, spacious house in Caster Field and was soon readmitted to school.

My new father was a widower with a daughter called Ava. Ava was benevolent and beautiful, with long blonde hair and kindly grey eyes. She was happy to have a brother and the two of us became great friends. Ava shared everything with me: smiles, possessions and secrets. However, there was one thing she didn’t let anyone touch: her red shoes.

They were the most tantalizing pair made of soft suede, with six-inch glass heels. They weren’t just any red, but crimson, like a drop of richest blood. The shape and contours were more bewitching that those of a woman’s body.

They were the most beautiful things in the world.

I caught myself gawking at the shoes often. I dreamt of them during the day and could hardly concentrate on my studies. I dreamed of them in the night and woke up sweating. The shoes excited me so much that they gave me wet dreams.

I longed to touch them and run my fingers on their contours. How soft the suede would feel against my hands! I yearned to run my hand over their silhouettes and feel the icy coolness of the heels. The longing grew into such an ache that I asked Ava if I could touch the shoes just once.

“Oh Max, I love you so much” said Ava apologetically “but I can’t let you touch those shoes. I don’t let anyone touch those shoes. I’m sorry”.

“Why is that so, Ava?” I asked “why don’t you let anyone touch them?”

“The shoes are a family heirloom” Ava explained “they are passed on from mother to daughter. My deceased mom gave them to me when I was 5 years old and asked me to wear them when I grew up. The shoes are the only reminder I have of my mom. I can share anything in the world, but not my red shoes!”

“Come on, Ava” I tried to persuade “I belong to your family now. Your father is my dad and you are my sister. Had your mom been alive, she would have considered me her son. I am sure she wouldn’t have minded if your brother touched those shoes!”

“That’s the point!” said Ava bursting into peals of laughter “you’re my brother, not sister! Had you been a girl, I might have considered letting you touch those shoes!”

“Fair enough” I said shrugging “I shall not ask again”.


Over the next two years, I grew into a taller, attractive young man. People found my tanned complexion, glossy raven black hair and striking green eyes very attractive. However, my hands and feet remained small. Much to my surprise, my shoe size didn’t change beyond 7.

Ava had grown up to be attractive too. Her hair had grown longer, complexion smoother and features more chiseled. We still had great affection for each other, but weren’t attracted to each other. The sibling bond between us grew by the day.

Since Ava didn’t take any interest in business, dad saw me as a natural successor. I learnt that Tantalize was a family owned company founded by dad, who owned 30% of the company’s shares. The remaining shares were owned by Lucas Wright, dad’s younger brother, Charlotte Hughes, the deceased Mrs. Wright’s sister and Ezra Green, a man who owned a cabaret in Manchester, Dylan Hughes, Charlotte’s husband and Isabella Wright, Lucas’ wife. The primary shareholders were directors on the board and also core members of the management. The only outsider in the family business was the manager, Mr. Logan Wood, a man with a sensible head on his shoulders. He was responsible for controlling family politics and ensuring that the business ran smoothly.

I was deeply interested in business, but found my mind flitting elsewhere. They routinely wandered to Ava’s beautiful, suede red shoes. I had promised not to touch them, but often found myself yearning to feel them.

I watched enviously whenever Ava put them on for a date or any other special occasion. I would longingly watch her practice ballet in them. The shoes were not strictly meant for ballet, however Ava often danced in them. When Ava practiced her slow, controlled movements and pirouetted around her room, I would hungrily eye her shoes.

If only she’d allow me to touch them once, just once.

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