Forbidden Sanctuary – Feminized on an Island Closest to Heaven

  • Title: Forbidden Sanctuary
  • Subtitle: Feminized on an Island Closest to Heaven
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa

    Jared Wells, a 21-year-old young man from the conservative biblical belt of America, sets away to explore new lands in his boat. After umpteen weeks, he spots an island located in Africa. Fascinated by its virginal beauty, Jared gets off his boat and steps on the island, which he presumes is isolated. Jared is accosted by Kave Iwe, the chief of the Zorba Tribe, and his men.

    Jared expects to be punished for trespassing but is pleasantly surprised when Chief Kave takes him home to his mother. After this, begins the journey of the forcible feminization of Jared into Zoya. Zoya eventually becomes Chief Kave’s bride and the mother of his three grown-up sons.

    Will Zoya ever escape from Kito Island and the trappings of her own feminized body? Or will her new-found love for Africa and her husband coax her to stay back in the continent?


    Jared Wells/Zoya: is the protagonist of the story. He is a 21-year-old boy of average height (5’8). Jared has blonde hair, blue eyes and cupid-bow shaped lips. He is from a conservative region in America, but aches to explore new cultures. Jared accidentally lands on Kito Island in Africa and is accosted by the Zorba Tribe. Chief Kave, the leader of the tribe, takes Jared home to his mother. The next day, Jared is forced to prove his masculinity by fighting with a lion. The young man fails following which he is dressed as an African woman. Jared is eventually feminized by the tribe. He is now called Zoya. Zoya is forced to marry the widowed Chief Kave.

    Chief Kave Iwe: is the protagonist’s first husband. He is the chief of the Zorba Tribe that owns the eastern part of Kito Island. Chief Kave is about fifty years old. He is tall, well-built and has thick formidable features. His brows are heavy, he has a hawk’s nose and full lips. Chief Kave’s first wife died many years ago. He is left with a vacuum in his life. When he comes across Jared, Chief Kave sees an opportunity to get himself a new bride. He orders an impossible “masculinity test” (which involves fighting a lion) on Jared, which the latter promptly fails. Subsequently, Jared is dressed as an African tribal woman. Chief Kave eventually feminizes Jared and marries her.

    Mother Maha: is chief Kave’s elderly mother. Mother Maha is a wrinkled, cataract-ridden, richly dressed woman. She aches for the female company ever since her daughter-in-law passed away 21 years ago. Mother Maha also yearns to meet her daughter who is married into the rival clan. She is happy to dress Jared in African female clothes and secretly feminizes him as per the wishes of her son. Mother Maha is thrilled when Zoya is married to her son. Mother Maha trains the new bride in feminine pursuits like cooking, cleaning, sewing and decorating mud huts.

    Jamila Irosi: is Chief Kave’s intersexed servant. Jamila is tall, lean and is about 25 years old. She is beautiful, with smooth ebony-colored skin, long black hair, doe-like eyes and thick shapely lips. Jamila is sweet, compassionate and friendly. She is kind to Jared even as she follows Chief Kave’s orders and feminizes him into Zoya. Jamila and Zoya become lovers. Jamila tells Zoya that she is forced to sleep with the chief and his sons. When Zoya is married to the chief, Jamila is empathetic as she knows about the former’s sexual deviations. She arranges Zoya’s escape but is caught in the process. An enraged Chief Kave orders that Jamila be put to death.

    Lema: is Chief Kave’s eldest son. He is tall (6’0), well-built and has thick formidable features like his father. When Lema battles with bamboo sticks with his father, he loses only by a whisker. Nevertheless, Lema is allowed to sleep with his new mother. Lema’s sadistic tendencies in bed cause Zoya much agony.

    Moga: is Chief Kave’s second son. He is also tall, lanky and has facial features like his father’s. Moga is no match to his father and elder brother in the battlefield. He loses quickly enough. Like Lema, he too is allowed to sleep with his stepmother. It is during one such night that Zoya realizes that Moga is a cross-dresser.

    Oban: is Chief Kave’s youngest son. He is of average height, is golden-skinned and has fine delicate features like his deceased mother. Oban is the first to lose in the stick-fight with his father and brothers. He too gets to sleep with Zoya. The young man is shy and timid at first. Eventually, Zoya realizes that Oban has a secret Oedipus complex and is turned on by the idea of making love to his “mother.”

    Zahara: is Chief Kave’s deceased first wife. She hails from a neighboring island. The late Zahara is described as a golden-skinned beauty. She tries various naturopathic remedies and massage techniques to increase the size of her breasts (the same techniques are used later on to feminize Zoya). Zahara is a good company to her mother-in-law. However, she dies while delivering her third son.

    Chief Juma Okeke: is the chief of the Chandal Tribe and owns the western part of Kito Island. Chief Juma is in his early 40s, has twinkling eyes and a charming smile. He is a small, wiry man with a pencil mustache. His jet-black hair is going grey at the temples. Chief Juma is well-educated and well-traveled and is extremely wealthy. He is married to Chief Kave’s younger sister and to another woman as well. Chief Juma saves Zoya from being killed and marries her. He adores his new wife and wishes to have children with her.

    Ami: is Chief Kave’s sister and Chief Juma’s first wife. Like her brother, Ami is tall, well-built, thick-featured and sullen. She is about 36 years old and is jealous of Zoya’s youth and beauty. Ami is unfriendly and rebuffs Zoya’s attempts at friendship. She is terribly upset when the latter has a uterus transplant and carries the child belonging to Chief Juma and his second wife. However, when Zoya is heavily pregnant, Ami seems to have a change of heart.

    Uma: is Chief Juma’s second wife. She is in her late 20s. Uma is tall and slender and looks a little like Jamila (she has similar slanted eyes, shining ebony colored skin and long black hair). She is a friendly, cheerful girl and welcomes Zoya into the household. Though Uma produces ovum, she is not fit to carry a child. She is happy when Zoya has a uterus transplant and jubilant when an embryo (created out of her ova and Chief Juma’s sperm) is implanted in Zoya’s uterus. She is thrilled at the prospect of having a baby and pampers Zoya during pregnancy.

    Idi: Chief Juma’s short, muscular servant who brings news from the battlefield to Zoya and Uma.

    Dr. Sean Cilliers: is a tall, fiftyish surgeon with graying ginger hair. Dr. Cilliers has grown up in South Africa. He loves his black friends and considers himself to be a black man himself. Dr. Cilliers is a close, longtime friend of Chief Juma’s. Though unhappy that his best friend has married a white, transsexual woman, Dr. Cilliers performs SRS on Zoya.

    Dr. Vincent Pollock: is the obstetrician who transplants a uterus into Zoya’s womb. Dr. Pollock is a 45-year-old man of average height and red hair. He monitors Zoya regularly and conducts checkups on her implanted uterus through her neovagina. Dr. Pollock conducts an emergency cesarean operation on Zoya and helps her deliver a healthy child.

    Baby Jamila: is the baby girl born to Zoya thanks to a uterus implant. At first, she is an embryo, created by fusing Chief Juma’s sperm and Uma’s eggs through in vitro fertilization. She is then implanted in Zoya’s new uterus. Jamila grows in Zoya’s womb and is delivered through the Cesarean Section. Jamila has cocoa brown skin and curly black hair. She is named after Zoya’s deceased best friend. Zoya and Uma decide that Jamila will succeed her father as the chief of the Chandal tribe.


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