Impersonators:go out for wool and come home shorn

Published on December 1, 2017
Title: Impersonators
Subtitle:go out for wool and come home shorn
Author: Yu Sakurazawa
Category: mtf transgender romance

Haruto and Daigo are two small town 18 year old boys who shift to a university in Tokyo to study history. The best buddies fall in love with their classmates Sara and Karen. Sara and Karen don’t reciprocate the boys’ interest.

In order to get closer to the girls they love, the two guys dress as young women and seek admission in the women’s dormitory. Their elegant Ikebana teacher, Miss Anna Watanabe, help the boys dress as Lolitas.

Pretending to be women, the two buddies succeeded in befriending their respective romantic interests. Haruto receives much unwanted attention from the lecherous hostel manager, Genji Yamada. Rejecting Yamada’s advances comes with a massive price for Haruto and his friend. The two guys get embroiled in a tricky situation: the only way out of it is to begin HRT and later undergo SRS to really transform into women.


go out for woods and come home shorn

by Yu Sakurazawa

Chapter 1 – Prankster Guys, Classy Chicks

The “spring break” of life brought me and my friend Daigo Nakamura from the tranquil countryside to the speedy Tokyo. We had joined a reputed private university ostensibly to study history, but our intentions were to savor city life. Not only did Daigo and I acquire a taste of Tokyo, we were swept off our feet by it. The flashing lights, clamorous streets, funky fashion and the huge sea of people all swept us off our feet. And I was swept off my feet by Sara Saito, my classmate.

Sara Saito couldn’t be called a conventional Japanese beauty by any standard. Her skin was “too” dark, face “too” square and figure “too” voluptuous to be considered one. Yet everyone agreed that “Sara Package” was an attractive one. She spoke crisply and politely, dressed elegantly in form fitting skirts and stylish tops and was intelligent. But what attracted me the most about Sara was her kindness. Sara offered to help classmates with their work, assisted the elderly when crossing the street and raised funds for charities.

At around the same time, Daigo fell in love with Karen Takahashi, Sara’s best friend. Karen was as different from Sara as chalk from cheese. She was fair, small and petite, and barely came up to Sara’s shoulders. Unlike Sara, Karen sported the Sweet Lolita look and behaved in a cute, sugary manner, like a little girl. When Daigo first confided his attraction for Karen in me, I couldn’t believe my ears. It was amusing that my tall, dark, muscularly-built friend was reduced to a love-sick donkey by a small-built, sylph-like girl. “Are you a secret pedophile, by any chance?” I asked half in jest.

“Really Haruto” my friend said giving me a disgusted look “you have a depraved mind”.

“Then why Karen?” I persisted.

“For similar reasons that you like Sara” Daigo said “Karen too is very kind. She volunteers at a home for the elderly during her free time. The love and respect with which she takes care of the elderly gentlemen and ladies is touching. Once, an old lady couldn’t sleep at night due to severe cold, Rio stayed up the whole night taking care of her. One of the permanent staff, a new acquaintance of mine, told me…”

“I’m sure you are right” I said patting my friend on the back “I apologize for my earlier comment. You know what I am…the most irreverent bastard you’d ever find”.

“That you are” said Daigo thumping me on the back “but you’ll always remain my best pal”.


Over the next few days, Daigo and I tried to get friendly with the girls, but Sara and Karen ignored us. I don’t blame them. Daigo and I had spent our first few months in Tokyo frivolously. We’d skip classes and go to bars, karaoke clubs and game centers. I admit that we had even been to kyabakura, the Japanese cabaret club where you get to talk to the hostesses…and er, accidentally touch them although the body touch is basically not allowed in kyabakuras. Daigo and I had been terribly embarrassed, when during the first month of our arrival in Tokyo, Karen and Sara had seen us coming out of a kyabakura on a street at the notorious area of Shinjuku. The girls had, since then, labeled us as perverts. Little did they know that we were just two curious 18 year old boys, trying to explore the exciting new world we had suddenly found ourselves in.

There may have been a few other reasons Sara and Karen gave us the cold shoulder. Daigo and I had the reputation of being the pranksters of the class. During our first few months at the university, we’d play practical jokes on our classmates and professors: throw a plastic spider on the girls and guffaw when they screamed, stick an ‘I’m an ass” poster behind a boy’s back or imitate professors’ talk, gait and mannerisms. All this had, undoubtedly, given Sara and Karen a bad impression of us.

Over the next couple of weeks, Daigo tried hard to change the girls’ impression of us. I traded my distress jeans, grungy t-shirts and funky long orange hair for classic black trousers, white shirts and a short neat hair cut (and returned to my original hair color, black). Daigo too traded his form-fitting jeans and t-shirts (that showed off his sculpted torso) for more formal, dignified clothing. We spent most of the time in the library, catching up on what we’d missed in the first three months of classes. I also joined a volunteer group raising funds for underprivileged children in Africa, earthquake victims in different parts of the world and victims of wars and famines. Daigo joined the same home for the elderly as Karen as a volunteer. He meant well, but was clumsy by nature, and ended up doing the wrong things. He overheated the inmates’ food, pushed their wheelchairs too fast and forgot to give them medicines on time. He talked too loudly and too much, disturbing the inmates. Needless, to say Daigo was soon asked to leave.

At least, he had tried. I was proud of my friend for that. And Daigo was equally proud of me for trying to change for the better.

Our romantic interests were far from impressed with the change in me and Daigo. They continued to ignore us as usual. When indirect means of trying to grab the girls’ attention failed, Daigo and I decided to be honest. We spotted the girls in the library, where they were studying from a shared textbook. I addressed Sara:

“Listen sweet, you’re a swell dame. I have lost my heart to you. Daigo loves Karen with all his heart. We guys have changed for the better. Don’t you think you girls should give us a chance?”

“No way” said the Sara and Karen in unison without lifting their heads from the textbook.

“Why not?” asked Daigo indignantly “are we so bad-looking?”

“These things are seldom about looks, you shallow boys” said Karen “it’s about the mind, heart and soul”.

“Then are our minds, hearts and souls so dark that you two won’t consider us?” I asked cuttingly.

“They’re not dark, just insincere” replied Sara “Karen and I feel that you guys are pretending to have changed only to impress us. You’d go back to being pranksters once we start dating you. Real change only occurs when the motives are pure…not ulterior”.

“Love is not an ulterior motive” Daigo quipped.

“Guys like you don’t know what love is” Karen retaliated “you only know lust”.

“What do you mean?” I asked genuinely baffled.

“Don’t play the innocent in front of us, Haruto” Sara said.

“We genuinely don’t know what you mean” said Daigo.

“Kyabakura” blurted Karen out and the two girls burst into a volley of giggles. They laughed until tears rolled down their lovely cheeks. As for Daigo and me, we flushed to the roots of our hairs. The girls continued to snicker; Daigo and I wished the library floor would crack open and swallow us up.


“Whew!” said Daigo throwing himself on the couch “These girls are playing hard to get”. The two of us had returned to the apartment we had rented and shared for the past four months.

“They are not playing hard to get.” I replied “They are hard to get. They are classy chicks, remember? And we two guys are basically pranksters”.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Daigo “give up on the girls we love so much? Drat, we have transformed into decent guys for nothing”.

“Don’t be so negative, bro” I said as an idea struck me “all we require is another transformation”.

“What?” Daigo looked confused.

“Use your brains for a change, Daigo” I continued “who are girls closest to?”

“Other girls, I suppose” replied Daigo shrugging.

“Exactly!” I said snapping my fingers “so in order to get close to Sara and Karen, we need to transform into girls and gain admission into the girls’ dormitory!”

“You’ve gone raving mad, Haruto!” covering his crotch area with his hands in a protective manner “I’m not going to sacrifice my masculinity for anything”.

“Who said anything about sacrificing it?” I said reassuringly “you only need to conceal it until we get close to our lady loves”.

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