My Dad Was My Hero (subtitle: Feminized to be a Hero) was just published

36-year-old Zack Rossi leads an ideal family life with wife, Donna and 16-year-old daughter, Aria. All is well until Donna accidentally kills a woman at a crossing. The woman had abruptly crossed when the traffic lights had turned green. However, lawyer Wade Ferri claims otherwise. He represents the accident victim’s 93-year-old father, Antonio Serra. They claim that the traffic light was still red when Donna started the car. Ferri and his client even have a fake witness ready. It soon becomes clear to the Rossi family that the mafia has contacted Mr. Serra. Together, they are fabricating a vicious claim against the Rossi family, so that they can extort a huge amount of money from them.
The Rossi family agrees to an out-of-court monetary settlement. When they are unable to pay the demanded amount, the mafia threatens to take Aria away and force her into prostitution. Donna volunteers to go instead of the daughter but is rejected by the mafia guys. Instead, they agree to take Zack with them.
How much money can a feminized Zack make for the mafia? Will he ever return to his family again?

My Dad was My Hero

Subtitle: Feminized to be a Hero

Author: Yu Sakurazawa


I was born into a middle-income family in Rome. My dad was a school teacher and my mom worked in a bank. When I was 13 and chasing a football into a busy street, a truck nearly squashed me. My dad, who was standing on the footpath a few meters behind me, was quick to act. He dashed towards me and pushed me towards the safety of the footpath. Unfortunately, he couldn’t save himself on time. The truck hit him and he died on the spot. Dad sacrificed his life in order to protect mine.

From that day onwards, I ceased to regard my dad as a mere human being. He was my deity, my very exalted hero. I worshipped him and vowed to grow up to be just like him.

At 18, I shifted to Naples to get a degree in Sales and Marketing. I was a hermit and spent much of my time alone. One of my few trips was to a nearby supermarket, where I made all my daily purchases. Daniela Rossi, the 20-year-old cashier at the supermarket, gave me a special smile every time. She was an average-looking ash blonde, but her smile brightened my day. Soon, Daniela’s smile became more precious to me than the purchases I made at the supermarket. I asked her out. We dated for a couple of months, enjoying a young, carefree life.

When I was 19, Daniela fell pregnant. Most guys would have been freaked out at the prospect of becoming a father by 20, but I wasn’t. I looked forward to becoming one. I already loved my unborn child fiercely and vowed to do anything for him/her. I wished to be my kid’s hero the way my dad had been mine.

Daniela and I got married at a local church. Nine months later, she gave birth to the cutest baby girl. We named our daughter Angelina, as both Daniela and I loved music. With her red hair and wide green eyes, Angelina resembled me.

16 years passed in the batting of an eyelid. Angelina grew up to be a gorgeous, affectionate young girl. Many young guys adored Angelina, but Angelina claimed that she loved only me: her dad! I was glad to note that Angelina had as much fondness and reverence for me as I did for my deceased dad.

I had everything I could ever have wished for.

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