Playmate – A Transgender Romance Story

  • Title: Playmate
  • Subtitle: A Transgender Romance Story
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Category: MTF, Transgender, Romance

Ten year old Derek has been more like an adoptive “sister” to Rupert Meadows, the young scion of a rich business family. It is customary for 11 year old Rupert to dress Derek as a “bride” and playact being married to him. Disapproving of the two boys’ closeness and silly games, Rupert’s father sends Rupert away to a boarding school in Berkshire and, subsequently, to the US, far away from Derek. When the two guys meet as adults, sparks fly.  Derek undergoes sex change to please his lover. Derek is now known as Darlene.

Darlene and Rupert are very much in love until the burglary of Rupert’s mother’s expensive black pearls casts a shadow of suspicion on Darlene’s character and strains the relationship between her and Rupert.

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