Slippery Slope in a Reality Show – Feminized by Destiny

  • Title: Slippery Slope in a Reality Show
  • Subtitle: Feminized by Destiny
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Category: mtf, transgender

The 23-year-old protagonist is one of the contestants of Pyar Villa, a reality show in which 7 dashing guys are supposed to woo 7 lovely damsels. Though not interested in women, Sanjay, the protagonist, idly courts a leggy dusky beauty named Jacqueline Lobo. Prince Ash, the winner of a major model hunt, is introduced as a wild card entry on Pyar Villa. Slowly but surely, Sanjay begins to develop feelings for the ruggedly handsome Ash. Ash reciprocates Sanjay’s feelings and the two men begin a secret affair. Ash coaxes Sanjay to dress in women’s clothes bringing the latter’s suppressed desire for feminization to surface. However, Sanjay suffers heartbreak when Prince Ash proposes to Jacqueline on the final episode of Pyar Villa. Sanjay resolves to live the rest of his life as a woman. She is now called Simi.

Slippery Slope in a Reality Show

by Yu Sakurazawa

Chapter 1 – Pyar Villa: The House of Love

Being the son of the affluent Rajesh Saluja got me into Pyar Villa, a TV show hosted by STV India. Dad was particular that I get a life outside of my dental clinic and socialize with girls like a “normal” 23-year-old guy. Pyar Villa (The House of Love) provided the perfect platform to find true love, or so its creators claimed. The contestants would be searching for it in front of a bunch of cameras and a million viewers.

7 guys (including me) and 7 girls were housed in a villa on the outskirts of Delhi. The guys were supposed to mingle with the girls, perform fun tasks and exhibit their talents to win the damsels over. The show was hosted by Rahul Batra, an STV MJ and Indiana Amour, a former cabaret dancer. I was given a spacious room in the villa. I also met and had a passing conversation with Vishal Grover, the guy in the room next to mine. Vishal gave me nice, friendly vibes in spite of being a competitor at the show.

Later that day, I was introduced to the other guys and girls. The girls were apparently attracted to my lean slender body and boyish face. The guys didn’t pass any comments, but I could tell that they too found me cute. The cameras soon started rolling and the guys were asked to socialize with the girls, who waited for us in the swimming pool of the villa. None of the girls interested me, but I started flirting with a leggy dusky beauty called Jacqueline Lobo aka Jackie. Jackie reveled in the attention she received from me and believed that we had established a true “heart-to-heart” connection. Over the next few weeks, Jackie and I became close and were known as the “love birds” of the villa. However, except for a sense of camaraderie, I felt nothing for my “lover-girl”.

One sunny day, Rahul and Indiana had a surprise for us. They introduced a wild card entry to give us regular guys some stiff competition. When the latest competitor walked into the villa, the girls nearly swooned. The new contestant was none other than the drop-dead gorgeous Prince Ash, the winner of Glamour Manhunt Contest. As Ash came into the villa and flashed his famous piano-key smile, I could feel a flush creep up my neck. Prince Ash shook hands and interacted with all the contestants of the villa. When he took his hands in mine, I could feel myself blushing ever more. I stammered when I spoke and could barely maintain eye contact. Ash seemed to notice my discomfiture and gave me a secret smile.

Over the next few days, I was acutely conscious of Ash’s gaze on me. When I performed a task which required me to paint Jackie’s body, I could feel Ash’s dark eyes bore into me. His expressive eyes seemed to speak and they said: “Sanjay Saluja, I wish to paint your body”.

During a task in which the guys were supposed to splash scented water on the girls they were wooing, Prince Ash threw a bucketful of fragrant water on me! The hosts and the contestants saw his act as a joke and laughed, but I knew otherwise. Ash’s gesture may have been frivolous, but his intention was not.

During another Pyar Villa task, all the guys were supposed to write down their darkest fantasies on a sheet of paper, but not sign their names underneath it. The girls were supposed to guess whom the respective fantasies belonged to. Since I was afraid of revealing my deepest fantasies, I settled for an innocent one. I penned that I’d like to take Jacqueline on a romantic date on a beach. The other guys were bolder. They wrote about wanting to have orgies and group sex. One anonymous guy had expressed the desire to court another guy from the villa. None of the girls could guess who this particular fantasy belonged to.

But I knew. One glance at Prince Ash’s smirking face only confirmed my knowledge.

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