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If you search books on Amazon by keywords such as transgender, gender swap, mtf, ts, sex change, etc. you will get tens of thousands of hits. A vast majority of the listed books are adult fictions and are erotica. It may be good for people who are looking for something erotic for getting sexual arousal. However, there are so many people who are seeking serious transgender novels. Many of them having experienced varying level of discomfort in their own body, because their real gender is different from the genitals that they were born with.

This website is intended for people who have heartfelt interest in transgender stories, especially mtf (male-to-female transgender). There are sexual and erotic scenes in the stories introduced on this website, but the main focus is not.

“Hijra, the Third Gender” series is a good example. Hijra is an Indian work meaning people who chose to live dressed as women belonging to the special community. There have not been many books written in English about the real lives of Hijra. Here on this website, seven interesting and exciting books about Hijra are introduced.

“Hijra, The Third Gender” series consists of the following books. They are all stories about “hijra” but each story is independent from each other.

A Japanese businessman travels to India and is deeply moved by the Roma-style music and dance that he saw in the state of Rajasthan. He actually falls in love with a tall beautiful dancer called Sangita. He is totally enchanted by Sangita, who takes him to a whole different world of “hijra”. The Japanese businessman is voluntarily (almost forcibly) is changed into “hijra” and experiences life as a hijra, then later as a prostitute. This story is his autobiography (which sounds real, but is a fiction) involving Japan, India, Thailand, the United States, and again, Japan.  The story is really engaging, but his (her) talking style is something like “Forest Gump”.

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The protagonist is born “intersexed”. His genitals look more like male than female, so is raised by his prostitute mother as a boy. However, he felt comfortable in a saree and walks his way through becoming a proud woman.

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The protagonist is a boy who has an elder sister learning Kathak (one of traditional dance forms in India) and he wishes to become as good a dancer as his sister. His mother supports his not-so-boyish wishes, but finally, his father comes to know about it. His father disowns his son on the spot, and the son must leave his family and must live on his own. The boy is (a kind of) saved by the “hijra” community and he (she) tries to become a Kathak dancer

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The protagonist is a son of IAS officer (selected elite Indian administrative officer) and a 12 year old cricket player. He is unexpectedly kidnapped and is forcibly castrated and feminized. He (now she) keeps receiving unfair/unexpected treatments. She doesn’t know who is the mastermind. At the end of the story, she realizes that she deserves such punishment.

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The beautiful loving mother dies, and his father (navy captain) marries a Punjabi woman with two kids. He loves the new elder sister, but the new brother who happens to be the same age as him is a nuisance. The stepmother makes every attempt to humiliate him and try to let  his father to “disown” him, so that her own son can be the heir. He is framed by the stepmother to be feminized and become a “hijra”.

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The son of a famous movie star is abducted by a mafia group for ransom. The father makes a series of mistakes in the “negotiation” of the mafia group, and as the result, the son is forcibly feminized.

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This is the only comedy in the “Hijra, the Third Gender” series. An Indian entrepreneur makes a wrong bet during a drinking occasion with his friend. He must dress as a woman (hijra) 24×7 for a year. His bet was that his company will grow business even if the president is a hijra. If he should lose the bet, he must get a sex change surgery.

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